Renovation Scaffolding

If you intend to refurbish or add an extension to your property, then it is important to have one of the most reliable scaffolding companies in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Regardless of whether you need a simple scaffold design or a bespoke structure, we will design and build the perfect solution for your company.  We can provide you with expert advice, and offer our customers a safe, reliable, professional service.

As a company, we are available to work everywhere in Eastbourne, East Sussex, for domestic, industrial and commercial projects. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is a local company, with over 10 years of experience in the scaffolding trade. We’re a company that has been helping people out of trouble with their scaffolding including local councils, the general public, commercial contractors, and more. Let our scaffolding professionals provide you with a superior service and product, innovative solutions, and cost-saving ideas to meet your renovation scaffolding needs.


Aces scaffolding Eastbourne is a Eastbourne, East Sussex based scaffolding contractor with a lot of experience. The scaffolding service we provide is personalised for industrial, commercial and domestic clients.


We erect and supply scaffolding for domestic properties in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We guarantee our scaffolding service to be unbeatable in quality, attention to detail and timely delivery. We are fully insured, so there’s no need to worry about any legal issues. Plus, we work for a lot of major reputable building companies, who regularly use our scaffolding services. We also supply our scaffolding and safety equipment to large enterprises, construction companies, local authorities, and homeowners.    We can deliver any large or complex design or system, including support scaffolding, temporary roofs and complete fabric structures.

Our work is always completed to the highest possible standard and our aim is to complete projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will keep you away from any accident by providing efficient scaffolding services.


We can deliver complete scaffolding service from start to finish for commercial renovation scaffolding projects in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We are the best scaffolding contractors in London. From the smallest repair through to large commercial projects, we are fully committed to providing the best service quality possible.

We work to build a long-lasting relationship that provides you with quality service and value. We supply and service the best scaffolding equipment available, so you can safely access and work on high-rise structures. We have one of the most cost-effective scaffolding solutions in town. Our team will provide a scaffolding quote in a timely manner and at the best rate possible.

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is a trusted scaffolding supplier in Burgess Hill. Whatever your purposes are, we will deliver the best solutions for your project. With the right scaffolding partner, your contract is sure to be carried out with ease. Let us help you get your project off to a flying start.


Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is one of the leading scaffolding companies in Burgess Hill with over 10 years of experience delivering scaffolding systems to the industrial sector. We can design, build, and install almost any scaffolding solution for the trickiest areas in the fastest time frame possible and offer work access for working at height.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding our services and what scaffolding would best suit your needs then please give us a call or request a quote online.

We also offer a complete scaffolding rental service so that you can focus on your business and leave us to worry about your scaffolding needs.

Access scaffolding

We have been experts in the industry for over 10 years. Having worked on complex projects, our experienced team can provide a scaffolding system that meets your specific needs. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is the easiest choice when it comes to a tower access scaffold hire or complete custom scaffolding. We are more committed than any other scaffolding contractors out there. Our team of skilled scaffolders are committed to ensuring that all construction site works are carried out swiftly and in a safe manner. We are a local company, which means we can deliver scaffolding systems fast to our Burgess Hill clients.

We are a team of highly skilled scaffolders, who are committed to delivering high quality access scaffolding to our clients – be it chimney work, decorating work or small renovation projects. What’s more, because we are a local company, we are equipped to deliver scaffolding systems fast in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Decorating access

Aces scaffolding Eastbourne has been supplying high-quality decorating access equipment to domestic, industrial and commercial clients in Eastbourne, East Sussex, for a little over 10 years. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is one of the top suppliers of scaffolding, ladders and decorating access equipment to the domestic, industrial and commercial markets in Burgess Hill. From small jobs like replacing ramps and stairs, to large projects including rebuilding entire sections of exterior walls, our expertise is hard to match. Our friendly, professional staff will be glad to assist you with any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. When you want to access your renovation site, Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is the only name that matters. From the building stage to the removal of scaffolding at the end, we’ll make it as hassle free as possible for you. We have worked with a lot of the major local building contractors, roofing companies, and decorating companies; delivering access solutions to some of the Eastbourne, East Sussex most popular landmarks.

Internal Scaffolding

An internal scaffold is ideal for work on upper levels of a project. From scaffolding hire to scaffolding for sale in Burgess Hill, you can count on Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill for all your scaffolding needs. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill offers a complete design and build service for our customers. We can provide bespoke steel scaffolding and internal scaffolding for your project. We have many years experience, using health and safety relevant equipment to complete every job efficiently. We provide scaffolding for a wide range of engineering projects that are cost-efficient and offer significant labour time savings.

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Support scaffolds

You can be sure that our scaffolding systems will be inspected regularly to make sure they are safe. We are highly committed to your safety as well as that of your employees. Additionally, should it be necessary, we can provide safety scaffolding to ensure that you feel safe at all times.

Suspended Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill has built an enviable reputation on the work we produce. Working with many public and private-sector clients means that, whether you’re looking for a birdcage scaffold to keep the public safe or need a full-size cantilever scaffold for your next project, we have everything you need. We have erected multiple suspended scaffolds from roofs of buildings, to help keep public walkways free from obstruction. Trust us to do the same for your renovation project.

Temporary Roofs

Temporary roofs can protect a construction job from natural elements including rain, snow, sun and more. We can provide you with working scaffolding if you’re carrying out building work on your home or providing temporary roofing structure as a stand-alone scaffolding structure. We are a member of NASC. Our services and systems are delivered in compliance with the latest code of practices and regulations.

Specialists scaffold structures

At Aces scaffolding Eastbourne, we are specialists in delivering the erection of scaffolds safely, even for very complex scaffolding structures. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is committed to quality and safety. Our top priority is to complete your projects on time and at a competitive price.  At Ace Scaffolding our systems are safe, compliant, and top-of-the-line. We use the best fitting scaffolding around. Our team is committed to excellence.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years’ Experience
  • Unrivalled Experience
  • In-depth experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • Sterling services
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • High-quality Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Efficient, safe, and reliable

Birdcage scaffolds

If you are looking for Birdcage scaffolding in Eastbourne, East Sussex, our birdcage scaffolds are industry leading solutions, to provide you with ultimate access for your projects. A lot of our commercial clients request that we deliver birdcage scaffolds, to provide access for their tradesmen to construct or renovate staircase and lift shafts.   Crash decks provide a perfect and fast solution for scaffolds of different heights. They are handy in many situations like renovations, extensions and constructing buildings.   Rent a birdcage scaffolding in Burgess Hill from Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill for the best scaffolding hire services.

We only offer the highest quality products and services that will keep you protected and safe on the job site.

Chimney scaffolds

For any commercial or industrial scaffolding project, Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is the right company for you.  We have built up many years of experience within the scaffolding trade sector, which means that we are always on hand to deliver you professional high quality scaffold services for all your rebuilding requirements. When it comes to scaffolding, you need access to so much more than just a platform. You need the right platform at the right height and support from us to get you up there safely.

With our extensive knowledge of scaffolding materials and the stock we have, we can design just about any type of scaffolding structure. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill will conduct a comprehensive scaffolding survey and review your needs to establish your levels of access solution.

Scaffolding construction

At Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill we pride ourselves on being able to supply scaffolding for every project big or small. We want our customers to benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience as well as our huge selection of quality scaffolding products. We deliver scaffolding structures that are expertly constructed. Get in touch today.

Scaffolding dismantling and erection

We are qualified and experienced to dismantle or remove your scaffolding. We provide 24 hour services 7 days a week and can come as soon as you need us.   We offer reliable scaffolding that everyone can use. No heavy machinery, no complicated instructions, and no need for special training. When it comes to scaffolding, Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill offers a wide selection of temporary roofs and other kinds of scaffolding systems that can meet your needs.

Scaffold planning

In all of our scaffolding services, we have zero tolerance for poor practices, so you get a safe working environment at all times. All of our work is carried out by expert tradesmen who have years of experience in all aspects of scaffolding erection. We provide the highest-quality scaffolding products, and our extensive knowledge of the industry and your building is what sets us apart from our competition. Proper planning saves money and time, which is why we ensure that we fully understand our client’s requirement before planning a scaffolding structure.

Scaffold design

If you’re looking for a scaffolding solution that really stands out from the crowd, come and see us. We will design scaffolding to match your individual project needs and we will also do it faster and more affordably than most contractors in the industry. We can put together a tailor-made package to help you meet and exceed your project’s objectives. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is a professional business that is insured for all kinds of different scaffolding projects. We offer a fully mobile service, giving you access to scaffolding solutions when you need them. Our experienced team is happy to provide advice and design-led solutions for your project. We will provide you with scaffolding designs that meet your specific demands and project needs – fast.

Risk Assessment

All our scaffolding systems are delivered with method statements and risk assessments. Our team is fully trained in the use of scaffold, and we have a dedicated on-site team ready to assist you. At Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill, after completion of scaffolding, we provide handover certification.

Site Protection

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill has built up an enviable reputation as one of the finest scaffolding companies in Burgess Hill. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is your one-stop shop for high-quality, affordable site protection. From working at heights to site access scaffolding, we can handle it all. We will deliver the same excellent job to you that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors.

Edge protection

Our team supplies, delivers and installs scaffolding platforms, ladders and accessories to clients throughout Burgess Hill. We are also specialists in the manufacture of rubbish chutes.


For limited access use, we supply extension ladders too. You can adjust the height and length, effectively making it an extension ladder. We sell all kinds of scaffold ladders, ranging in length from 8ft right through to over 40ft. We’ve got Scaffold Towers, Open Access A-Frame ladders and Self-Closing (SCA) Ladders. Our products include roof ladders to aid with the repair or replacement of a roof.  Safely and easily, our ladders can be moved around as required. We also have available trestle ladders and roof harness kits for elevated access.  We are committed to supplying products that are reliable and long-lasting. If you’re not sure which type of scaffold is right for your project, we will guide you to the scaffold that best suits your needs.


Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill specialises in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of access tower, staircases and working platforms. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill staircases are cost effective, easy to install and maintain, and comply with our latest health and safety legislation. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is one of the leading providers of scaffolding supplies and services in the Burgess Hill area. The company has been running since 1979 and its services include erection, dismantling and inspection of scaffolding. We pride ourselves on the aesthetics of our custom-designed scaffolds. We listen carefully to your ideas for your scaffold and make sure that it is exactly what you need before we erect it. 

Why Aces Scaffolding Burgess Hill?


We are proficient in the use of all forms of scaffolding including rope access, work at height equipment and abseiling, steel scaffold towers and roof work solutions, as well as the more traditional tubular scaffolding. We use quality scaffolding and prioritise the health and safety of our clients at all times.

Friendly Service

You will only get friendly service, when you contact us for your scaffolding hire and erection Eastbourne, East Sussex. We provide a complete range of high-quality scaffolding services to all our clients, from commercial and residential property owners, to commercial fit out contractors. With thousands of satisfied customers and a name you can trust, Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill has been providing high quality scaffolding services to the local community for over 10 years.

Quality Scaffolding

We offer personalised scaffolding services in Burgess Hill. We invest in providing our clients with a pleasant and skilled workforce. Not only is our service and scaffolding quality, it is competitively priced too.

Competitive prices

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill offers scaffolding  services that deliver high standards of workmanship, customer service and value for money.


We are a leading scaffolding company providing high standards of safety for all our customers.

Safety standards

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is a well established family run business, operating in the heart of Burgess Hill. We have been carrying out our great services for over 10 years and have built up an excellent reputation for our excellent standards of work and professionalism. The Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill team is committed to delivering each project on budget and on time. With a track record of working on prestigious projects, we are able to ensure that our services will be delivered under the highest of industry standards. All our scaffolders have the necessary level of training to perform the work we are involved in. All our employees are CITB/CITB registered scaffolders that have undergone additional training.

Health and Safety

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill has a reputation for safety, service, and quality. We have been successfully providing scaffolding for home renovations since 2010. We are committed to you and other people’s safety.    Our friendly team of experts inspect scaffolding on a daily basis to ensure they are safe and compliant at all times.

Public liability

Our company is covered by relevant public liability insurance. Each job is carried out with a copy of our health and safety policy for each job with method statements, site risk assessments and training policies.

Work at Height

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill delivers you a range of scaffolding in Burgess Hill. Our team of experts has the skills, training and experience to ensure that work at height is carried out safely, and will keep your project on schedule. At Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill, we can solve your access problems whether the renovation scope is indoors or outdoors.

Hire rates

If you worry about scaffolding cost, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our quotes and service and prices. We offer fixed bids. There are no hidden or extra costs. You’ll know exactly what you will be paying for the duration of your project.


We can provide you with cheap scaffolding hire and erection services. We offer complete scaffold hire, sales, and erection services to residents and companies in Burgess Hill. Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is a professional service that can be relied upon to undertake domestic and commercial projects smoothly and efficiently, offering you a complete peace of mind and compliance with all legal safety standards. Simply contact us to receive an obligation free price quotation.

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Delivery rates

Let us help you out with our high quality scaffolding and we guarantee that you won’t find a better deal on the high street. We offer an instant visual quote for free. This means that you are not obligated to go ahead with anything unless it’s exactly what you want. Scaffolding supply rates vary by geographic location and volume of the delivery. Are you looking for scaffolding services in Burgess Hill? Contact Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill today to receive a friendly quote.

How to contact us

Ace Scaffolding Burgesshill is a friendly and reliable company that provides scaffolding and other services in Burgess Hill.  Ace Scaffolding consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers, providing a flexible service to suit the needs of each unique project. No job is too small. We take pride in our work. Please give us a call today for free advice and a quote. PHONEXXX.


Can I have scaffolding supplied to my site within a day?
Yes, you can. We’re happy to work with a short schedule so let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. So you’re ready to hire us for your scaffolding? That’s great because we are here around the clock and we can get to you right away.
Can scaffold be erected on uneven ground?
Yes. Scaffolding can be safely and conveniently erected even if the ground is uneven. However, when erecting a scaffolding structure, the right measurements are crucial to ensuring that the safety of every worker is guaranteed.


Will I require a permit for my scaffolding?
No. However, scaffolding erections on state roads and highways require a permit. When needed, we take on making necessary applications and arrangements on your behalf.


Arte inspections carried out before scaffolds are used?
In short, yes. A competent person will inspect the scaffold making sure it is free from defects or unsafe working conditions before it can be used by anyone to carry out the work. Once the scaffolding has been erected, its safety should be checked at least once a week by the same person.
What is the ideal height of a guard rail on a scaffold?
For a construction job, the right height is 950mm or higher. In addition, a toeboard is a legal requirement to ensure people and materials do not fall over during construction work.


How much does scaffolding hire and erection cost?

This depends on the project size, the materials needed, the duration the scaffold has to be up and where your project is located. For a more detailed quote, please contact us, and a scaffold expert will visit your site to get a better understanding of your needs and craft a custom quote for your project.

Will my ground or garden still look good after a scaffold erection?

We take special care at Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill to ensure that the scaffolding we set up doesn’t damage to your property or ground in any way. We also remove the scaffolding completely after every job. We take great care when assembling a scaffolding system.

Are scaff tags compulsory?

No, scaff tags are not a legal requirement however, a visible tag system used to support inspection record, is one of the ways of ascertaining the scaffold has been checked properly before use. A scaffold tag is essentially a label used to identify any component that is installed onto a scaffold. However, the legal requirement in the UK is for the inspector to issue a certificate; this stipulates the maximum number of people allowed to work on a scaffold.

Will I get extras like rubbish chutes and internal ladders in the supply?

At Aces Scaffolding Burgess Hill, we have an extensive range of extras available for your projects. Get in touch today to book your supplies.

Can scaffolding be moved?

No, they cannot be moved. However, the scaffolding itself can be dismantled and moved. However, a single tower would mean that the tower would have to be moved to reach different work areas. Simply put, it’s worth having one mobile tower instead if you need scaffolding access to multiple areas. Our mobile scaffolding was designed to be strong and stable and fitted with wheels so it can be easily moved if required. For some kinds of renovation projects, this is very practical and helpful.

Are ladders a no-no?

No, ladders can still be useful. Ladders can be used for low-level work, such as decorating or maintenance work – where scaffolding or other work platforms cannot be used for any reason and risk assessments show they are needed, such as a site layout.

Is it compulsory to use scaffolding for my project? Why can’t I use ladders instead?
When you’re working at height in construction, you need to comply with safety standards. Scaffolding is the most popular method of complying with these standards. The reason for this is that scaffolds are set up with strong bases and built to sit firmly on the floor. Ladders are propped against a wall, which is not a reliable solution. Even in situations where it is safe to use a ladder, it makes work less effective as you can only cover a small area at a time.


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