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Scaffolding in Burgess Hill

Ace Scaffolding is a premier scaffolding services company that services the Burgess Hill and surrounding areas. We offer a wide array of scaffolding products to suit any residential or commercial application. Ace Scaffolding also offers scaffolding service installation on any type of construction site. Our highly trained staff will work with you through any project, big or small.

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We supply all types of scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Stocks All Types of Scaffolding including our most popular – access scaffolding, decorating scaffold, renovation scaffold, internal scaffolds, support scaffolds, temporary roof systems, system scaffolding, suspended scaffolds, scaffold towers and working platforms. If you’re looking to buy scaffold accessories or hire any type of scaffolding in Burgess Hill don’t hesitate to call us for the great value prices.

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Scaffold towers

The Ace scaffold towers are designed to be “best in the industry”. With a wide base and reinforced legs our scaffold towers are built for stability. A wide and comfortable stairway makes it easy to get on and off the scaffold safely. We can assemble and take down the scaffold for you and do inspections through the project duration.

Scaffolding for residential building projects

Ace scaffolding is the professional’s choice in scaffolding, and the ideal, safe solution for all residential building projects. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy, and incredibly easy to set up and take down. Whether you are doing a two-storey extension, roofing project or anything else, we can provide you with the residential scaffolding to make work safe and efficient.

Our scaffolding service in Burgess Hill

Ace scaffolding is a growing scaffolding company in Burgess Hill. We provide high quality service for different types of scaffolding needs. Whether it is light duty scaffold or major refurbishment projects, we plan and build the best scaffolding, suitable for any building. All our scaffolding is safe to be used by workers. We are a family owned scaffolding business that has been trading over 10 years. Our services include erection, dismantling, design and consultation for building, repairs, structure repairs and all types of scaffolding systems. We cover all of Burgess Hill and surrounding counties.

Hire Ace scaffolding when you need safe, reliable, quality scaffolding on a short-term project. Ace Scaffolding carries a wide range of scaffold solutions for construction, renovations and other short term needs. Made of the strongest steel tubes and lightweight aluminium in the industry, Ace Scaffolding components are easy to assemble using simple, time-saving tools, and are assembled to meet each individual project’s requirements.

For the long term hire of scaffolding you need to know who you are dealing with. Ace Scaffolding has been supplying the civil, industrial, domestic and construction sectors with quality scaffold systems for over 10 years.

Long-term scaffolding hire is ideal for large construction works, industrial facilities or projects of a long-term nature where scaffolding is required for extended periods. Scaffolding is an important tool when carrying out these types of work, since it provides protection against the hazards associated with working at height.

The Ace scaffolding range includes solutions for property development and construction sites, offering a wide choice of scaffolding towers and accessories. The modular design of the Ace Scaffolding range meets the needs of any construction project. We can bespoke design scaffold system configurations and have lots of examples of work that you can look at in our portfolio. Get in touch for an initial discussion on 01444 712 494.

Ace scaffolding is also a scaffolding supply company committed to providing quality products and reliable customer service. Ace Scaffolding provides a huge variety of different products. Value is vital to the Ace name; our products are affordable without sacrificing quality. We offer the best service available to help customers choose, and can consult on your requirements, always delivering on time.

Whether you need to take down some scaffolding or have some that needs to be put up, Ace Scaffolding is the company that will remove the hassle from your day. With a fully trained crew of scaffolding experts, well versed in scaffolding removal, erection and repair, you can expect the job to be completed professionally and efficiently.

We bring scaffolding and safety systems to your site. Allow our professional team to erect and take down the scaffold for you so you can concentrate on your business. We operate to best practices and ensure that your scaffolding goes up, stays and then comes down safely. Our workmanship will meet and exceed your expectations.

If you need a scaffold to meet your work at height requirements, Ace Scaffolding has the experience and expertise to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We’ll listen to your specific requirements and give you our advice on the best scaffolds to help you complete your work safely and efficiently.


We consult with you and design scaffold solutions

Ace Scaffolding specialise in providing scaffold solutions that support your specific needs; from understanding your functional requirements to design consultation and installation. We design and install scaffolding systems to your specifications. We consult with you and tailor scaffolds to your individual needs. This ensures that we are fully aware of the site’s procedures and safety issues, and that we design scaffold solutions that suit the most complex of building projects. Ace Scaffolding can handle all aspects of scaffolding – from planning through to delivery and installation.

Scaffolding access equipment

Ace Scaffolding access equipment helps you work faster and more safely. Featuring quick setup and easy operation, Ace Scaffolding is the ideal choice for jobs that require temporary access to the side or the top of a structure. Keep your job on schedule with durable equipment that performs under pressure. Ace Scaffolding offers a wide range of scaffolding access products. Ace Scaffolding makes accessing work platforms and working at height more comfortable.

Scaffolding inspection to ensure safety

Our exclusive inspection and certification process ensures that your Ace Scaffolding is safe and in good condition throughout the life of your scaffolding. Our Certified Inspector will carefully review the design, installation and components of your scaffolding. If any issues are found, they will be meticulously documented. This allows us to identify any repairs needed, and document the work to ensure this vital system protects you, your staff and the public.

Work at height edge protection

Working at height demands that specific safety precautions are taken to ensure the health and safety of those working on scaffolding or at height more generally. Ace Scaffolding is a leading supplier of scaffolding edge protection products and accessories. Our products include: scaffold bumpers/cushions, system guardrail systems, roofing guardrail systems, rubble chutes, stair treads, netting and more.

What makes our scaffolders different and why choose us?

The main thing that sets us apart is our people. We’re dedicated to every step of the scaffolding process. We are certified, experienced experts in the design, supply, installation, inspection and maintenance of scaffolding – from start to finish!

Trusted by contractors and companies large and small for over 10 years in the design, production, and distribution of scaffolding products, Ace Scaffolding is a premium scaffolding provider. We’re proud to be recognised as a leader in the industry, and an established brand on job sites across the Sussex region. Our Ace scaffolders are expertly trained to ensure safety first. We make sure our scaffolders have the expertise and tools needed to get the job done quickly and safely.

Our bespoke scaffold designs

We’ve fully embraced the digital age, and we can now design bespoke scaffold designs online in an interactive way. Then we take your scaffold design and build it. We think that every project deserves access to high quality scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding is here to make sure that’s a reality.

Public liability insurance

As you would expect from such a well respected business, we carry comprehensive public liability insurance cover to protect all stakeholders. We ensure you have peace of mind throughout the project.

Our scaffolding projects gallery

The Ace scaffolding project gallery shows the wide variety of applications for our scaffolding products. From high-rise construction to residential extensions, Ace Scaffolding has been used on nearly every type of project imaginable.

Quality scaffolding products

Our high-quality scaffolding parts, accessories, tools, and fire safety products will make your jobsite more safe and efficient. Ace Scaffolding is a family-owned business with a history of supplying only the best.

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What OurCustomer Says

Excellent service, arrived on time and were such a polite bunch of guys. In and out in a flash and as soon as I was done with the scaffolding they arrived to de-construct. Would highly recommend to friends, family and anyone else who needs their services!

- L J Wren

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Our Experienced Scaffolding Team

Ace Scaffolding’s experienced team can help you with your scaffolding requirements, from design to setting scaffolds up on site. We have a range of scaffolding products to choose from – scaffold towers, planks and various accessories to complete your project. Ace Scaffolding has a wealth of experience in the scaffolding industry. We take pride in the quality of all our scaffolders and support staff. Our scaffolders are experienced and don’t leave until you are completely satisfied with the job. We always like to make sure that we achieve total customer satisfaction because without happy customers no one is happy.

Scaffolding for work at height on commercial buildings

Ace Scaffolding offers a comprehensive range of scaffold products for professional use and is a market leader in the commercial scaffolding sector.  Ace Scaffolding has done scaffolding hire for working at height on offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial buildings.

Scaffolding solutions for warehouses and in factories and industrial units

Ace Scaffolding offers an extensive range of scaffolding solutions for working at height on warehouses, in factories and in industrial units. These scaffolding systems can be assembled and installed on site. The result is a light, strong and easily transportable system that provides safe access to the highest levels. Our range of scaffolding systems is developed and manufactured from high-quality components and engineered to the very highest standards, for working at height on industrial construction sites. Our quick set up scaffolding system make these systems popular solutions for contractors working on both new industrial build projects and refurbishments.

Professional, experienced and committed staff

It is the goal of Ace Scaffolding to bring professional and committed staff to every job site. Our integrity, experience, skill and commitment are just a few reasons why Ace Scaffolding has been successful in various industries and continues to expand in the Burgess Hill market.

Ace Scaffolding has an excellent reputation in the industry, it all comes down to experience. We’ve been in business since 2010. Our scaffolding experts have more years of experience in specific types of job than many other companies have total years in business. Each person who works at Ace Scaffolding is thoroughly trained, certified and frequently updates their skills and knowledge.

We’ll help you understand your options, find the right fit and provide real value. Our experienced staff will work with you from start to finish to ensure a quick and smooth scaffolding installation at a competitive price.

No job too big or too small

No job is too big or too small for our team of dedicated workers. With decades of combined experience, we can take on the challenge. Contact us today and get in touch with one of our qualified scaffolding professionals to learn more about how Ace Scaffolding can help you complete your project.

Competitively priced

Ace Scaffolding is a large supplier of scaffolding and associated access products. We strive to offer you, the customer, the competitively priced scaffold product that suits your requirements perfectly. If you have any questions regarding our products please do not hesitate to contact us on 01444 712 494 and we will be happy to assist you.

Scaffolding health and safety

Scaffolding is a complex, challenging industry, but with Ace Scaffolding’s extensive inhouse training and superb staff we implement best practice and a safe scaffolding environment.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a duty on all employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of their employees whilst at work. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that the employer should be responsible for ensuring that the scaffolding erected is in accordance with all health and safety and additional prevailing regulation. Ace Scaffolding provides a safe, secure solution for scaffolding at height. Ace Scaffolding is manufactured in the UK to the highest specifications.

Get a scaffolding quote

Let us give you a scaffolding quote that’s custom built to suit your needs. Our scaffolders are experienced and vetted. We use only trained, experienced staff. We can give you a price estimate over the phone when you call 01444 712 494. We can then provide a free site survey to provide a more detailed quote and work out exact time frames and configurations.

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