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Scaffolding type

We make use of SMART scaffolding technologies to provide our range of scaffolding services. Business owners, local authorities and homeowners trust us for our more than 10 years of proven scaffolding industry experience. We have the necessary equipment and skills to handle all kinds of scaffolding erection and dismantling projects in Burgess Hill. If you require an expert scaffolding company that renders a comprehensive scaffolding service,  Ace Scaffolding is a great option in Burgess Hill.

No matter the project you have at hand, we can design, deliver, and set up the scaffold systems that will work for you. Get in touch today to schedule a non-binding site visit or request a free quote here.

Scaffold hire

Our clients can get access to both short-term and long-term scaffolding contracts and hire services at Ace Scaffolding, Burgess Hill.  Our people are registered CISRS card holders, well trained and have lots of work experience. This is why Ace Scaffolding offers the highest quality delivery in the scaffolding industry. Everyone on our team shares our vision and is driven by the same commitment to providing the best scaffold solutions.  We can erect and manage scaffold platforms anywhere in Burgess Hill, no matter the condition of the ground.

We are well known for our friendly and responsive nature and are willing to help with scaffolding issues of any nature. For free scaffolding quotes and consultation, get in touch with us today.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years’ Experience
  • Unrivalled Experience
  • In-depth experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • Sterling services
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • High-quality Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Efficient, safe, and reliable

Industrial scaffolding services

Established in the year XXX, Ace Scaffolding has grown to become one of the top scaffolding contractors in the area. Ace Scaffolding has worked in the scaffolding industry for over 10 years, providing premium scaffolding services in Burgess Hill and establishing our brand as a specialist company. Over the years, we have been delivering high-quality scaffolding solutions to the private, commercial and local council sectors in Burgess Hill.

Our industrial scaffolding services include:

Scaffolding for industrial units

Industrial scaffolding projects are very unique and offer a specific set of challenges in terms of accessibility, environment and skill. However, it doesn’t matter what your access requirements are, Ace Scaffolding can deliver affordable scaffolding solutions for your Burgess Hill project. We have worked on several scaffolding projects at factories, plants, and industrial units. 

Scaffolding for factories

Our years of experience deploying scaffolding in industrial projects mean that we are familiar with the sector and can work under even the most tough conditions. Our goal is always to exceed customer expectations, and this is why we offer personalised scaffolding design and installation services for each individual project.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Scaffold design and planning

We can design custom scaffold systems and have them erected at very competitive prices, particularly for scaffolding erections that fall outside the scope of ‘basic scaffolding,’ as outlined in the NASC TG 2008 guidance.

We can also work with you to plan your project, all in accordance with the relevant health and safety regulations. When planning any scaffolding project, we make use of flexible and time-saving methods to give your project the best results. In essence, it’s a win-win situation for you. 

Scaffolding for refurbishment

Are you looking to provide safe access for construction workers carrying out external renovation work on your building? At Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill, our scaffolding services are designed according to your specific needs and the timeframe of your project. Our team of scaffolders are diligent, skilled and reliable, adept at providing excellent services at affordable prices in and around Burgess Hill.

Specialist scaffold structures

No matter how challenging or complex the scaffolding structure you need, we will find a way to provide safe and secure access scaffolding for your project.

Temporary coverings and roofing

When it comes to temporary roofing and covering, our in-house team of scaffolders is the epitome of professionalism. This is why we will make sure that our tailor-made temporary roofs, regardless of height, scale or design, are ideal for your construction or framework. Our temporary roofs and covers are designed to protect people working on high structures. The best temporary roofing and cladding systems are used at Ace Scaffolding, Burgess Hill, to provide complete safety at project sites for the workers as well as protection against adverse weather conditions. Our team of trained and qualified scaffolders will commit to your project fully. They will meet your deadlines, fulfill your project requirements, complete your project on time and within budget.

Confined spaces and access solutions

We are strategically placed in Burgess Hill so that we can deliver quick response times for access solutions anywhere in the town.

Birdcage scaffolding

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we only employ methods and techniques that have been proven to work. Birdcage scaffolding is one of them. Birdcage scaffolding is particularly useful for large ceiling plaster repairs as the scaffolding is erected in the building providing a single platform for workers to work from. Call Ace Scaffolding for the best birdcage scaffolding service in Burgess Hill.

Residential scaffolding services

Domestic scaffolding solutions is another area in which we excel. We are experts in supplying and erecting a range of scaffolding solutions. For more than 10 years, Ace Scaffolding has provided high-quality, secure, and pocket-friendly residential scaffolding solutions in Burgess Hill.  We have built a solid reputation as the go-to company for safe domestic scaffolding in Burgess Hill.

Our residential scaffolding services include:

Scaffolding for extensions

In Burgess Hill, we are the foremost specialists in providing services like temporary roofing, scaffolding hire, extensions, new building extensions, street work, timber framed houses, and more.  The bulk of the work we do comes from repeat business due to the customer’s confidence in our ability to deliver suitable scaffolding solutions for all types of projects. You can count on us to deliver what you need no matter the project you are working on, as we will first understand what you are trying to achieve before getting to work.

Scaffold planning and design

When required, we can deliver scaffolding design and engineering for your domestic projects regardless of site size. We can include technical drawings with our solutions if you need them. We are open to a discussion if you have something different that you’d prefer, and we will give you a customized scaffolding design at price ranges that you’ll be happy to pay.

Confined spaces and access solution

Our considerable experience and skills in the field means that we can deliver the ideal scaffolding access solutions for any project, whatever the project requirements are. For more than 10 years, we have supplied domestic scaffolding services for projects of all types and sizes in Burgess Hill. We provide access solutions that fit your project requirements and ensure secure and easy access for your staff and yourself.

Scaffolding for new builds

Ace Scaffolding is the perfect place to visit if you need excellent scaffolding services in Burgess Hill. Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill offers scaffolding services for new builds along the A27 and throughout Burgess Hill at very competitive prices.

Why not call us today on 01444 712 494 to get started with a free quote.

Birdcage scaffolding

Our birdcage scaffolding solutions are designed with special attention to health and safety. We would be happy to help if you would like a scaffolding assessment or the installation of birdcage scaffolding in Burgess Hill. Your satisfaction and safety is assured with Ace Scaffolding, as each project we work on complies with the highest industry standards.

Temporary coverings and roofs

We have a team of experts in Burgess Hill who design, supply and mount temporary coverings and roofs for your project, at Ace Scaffolding we deliver the specific service of your choice.

We are a team of professionally trained scaffolders that can give your building project superb scaffolding. 

Commercial scaffolding services

Do you need commercial scaffolding services for your renovation project? Ace Scaffolding, Burgess Hill delivers a comprehensive array of scaffolding solutions.  We are a team of highly experienced scaffolders and have worked with a lot of clients in the commercial sector. You can trust us to deliver only the best scaffolding for work on your commercial property.

Our commercial scaffolding services include:

Support scaffolding

For construction sites to guarantee the welfare of workers, we have support scaffolding at Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill. You can expect us to provide the best possible support scaffolding, as all the services we provide are delivered to satisfy and go beyond our clients’ expectations, thereby guaranteeing maximum efficiency and safety. We can make this guarantee because we know how skilled our people are.  To get started, please call us on 01444 712 494.

Scaffold assembly and design

In Burgess Hill, we are the most renowned company that delivers scaffold assembly and design services to commercial clients, according to industry standards. We have a team of in-house experts that undertake all aspects of assembling, maintaining and dismantling of scaffolds. Our team members understand the ins and out of scaffolding design and can easily grasp the scope of any project.

We are confident in our ability to provide top-quality service because we have over 10 years of scaffolding experience and are fully insured for up to XXX million.

Dead shores

If you require emergency shoring at your project site, we can deliver the solution quickly and seamlessly. Our customers always come back for repeat business and refer us to others because they believe in what we can do. You can enjoy the confidence in the fact that your project is in safe hands from start to finish when you engage Ace Scaffolding for scaffolding solutions in Burgess Hill.

Staircase scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill, we provide a wide range of flexible staircase scaffolding systems suitable for all kinds of commercial staircases. Some of the most popular systems frequently hired and erected are structural supports, staircases, towers, and access platforms.

Handrails and edge protection

We are capable of supplying specialised scaffolding solutions for old buildings, roof protection, and securing areas around plants. You can count on us to deliver high-quality and very reliable edge protection solutions for your project in Burgess Hill.

We are passionate about health and safety and are proud of our contribution to the innovative safety scaffolding technology that provides risk assessment and comprehensive protection.

Access walkways

We can provide the highest quality of commercial walkways and many more equipment that your scaffolding project requires. We can design a project profile, carry out structure planning, dismantle access and carry out load-bearing evaluation while complying with the health and safety regulations and timelines set by your project requirements.

Loading bays and gantries

Every project is important to us at Ace Scaffolding, no matter how big or small. We are specialists in the erection of scaffolding in gantries and bays. As we mount or remove the scaffolding facilities, we adhere to strict environmental policy and ensure that minimal distress or damage will be done to your local surroundings. 

Hanging scaffolds

Are you working on a project that needs hanging scaffolds? We at Ace Scaffolding in Burgess Hill can construct and supply hanging scaffolds that are tailored to your exact project requirements, thereby providing you with the most effective and safest hanging scaffold hire solution in Burgess Hill, East Sussex.

What you get when you work with Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill


The Ace Scaffolding scaffolding team consists of skilled and highly trained staff who have CISRS certifications and have completed CITB training. We also make use of the SCAFFTAG technology while our in-house talents are trained in advanced scaffolding inspections. Thanks to our skills and experience, we can guarantee total satisfaction at the end of your project, whether it is industrial, commercial, or domestic.

Quality scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding we have a team of scaffolding professionals who are welcoming, trustworthy, and skilled. The Ace Scaffolding goal is to deliver excellent service that matches your project needs at affordable prices.  Our high-quality scaffolding is delivered, designed and erected by trained professionals. When it comes to experience in the scaffolding business, whether in designing project plans or implementing them, you can count on us.

We are confident of the work we do and are always happy to assist you with questions concerning scaffolding. The quality of work we deliver is reflected in the number of large organisations we work with in Burgess Hill and the large amount of repeat business we receive.

Competitive prices

Choose Ace Scaffolding and we will deliver services beyond your expectation. We are friendly, reliable, efficient and known all over the area for delivering expert workmanship. At Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill, we are focused on delivering efficient and prompt services, through our reliable team of scaffolders, who adhere to all health and safety regulations.


If you want the scaffolding aspect of your project to be handled by the best, then you can count on our 10 years of experience to come in handy.  Over the years, we have built a team made up of hardworking, skilled scaffolders, who can provide scaffolding solutions in a timely manner without compromising on quality. We are proud to say, we can provide excellent work that matches the highest industry standards.


To guarantee swift completion of the project and minimum weather disturbance, it is essential that sufficient protection (e.g. temporary roofs) is provided. Our in-house team of scaffolders can help with commercial and domestic scaffolding hire and erection of scaffolding weather and safety protection systems like chimney scaffolds, edge protection, scaffold handrails, temporary roofs, access scaffolding, temporary towers and much more.


From our offices in Burgess Hill, we are well-positioned to provide customised access solutions for businesses and private customers. Ace Scaffolding delivers a wide variety of access solutions such as temporary roofs, work platforms, loading bay scaffolds, access scaffolds for chimneys, erection and dismantling of scaffolding systems, roof work access, scaffolding towers, etc.

We are a premium scaffoling company in Burgess Hill, and we are capable of giving the best in any size of project that we handle. On any project, we use a creative approach so that we can produce scaffolding solutions that fully satisfy  the client and even exceed the client’s expectation.


Our skills and expertise in delivering quality scaffolding solutions have been honed from years of work experience, so that we can deliver products that meet the best of health and safety standards.

Safety standards

Your safety is top on our list of priorities. We firmly believe that no other scaffolding company will give you the kind of commitment and efficiency that Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill routinely delivers. You can be rest assured that we will do everything to ensure that your scaffolds are delivered in line with your project’s needs. Our excellent safety record is sufficient evidence of our comprehensive health and safety policy  Here at Ace Scaffolding, we take your needs and requirements seriously.

Health and safety

Our scaffolding team at Ace Scaffolding, Burgess Hill consist of experienced scaffolders with valid CITB qualifications. Our team pairs exceptional workmanship with strict compliance to health and safety standards to ensure that our commitment to providing safe, high-quality scaffolding solutions is fulfilled.

Work at height

All our team members have completed SPANNET Height Safety Courses, NUCO First Aid Training and NASC Access Training. As you can see, our scoffolding workforce is one of the best in the region. Our equipment is modern and cutting-edge, properly maintained and inspected before each work project to ensure everything is fit for purpose. This helps us to function beyond the expectations set by the health and safety legislature.  It is compulsory for all Ace Scaffolding staff to always wear their personal protective equipment (PPP).

Public liability

Our team of staff are both CISRS and NVQ trained, and we have public liability insurance of up to XXX million. We at Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill are equipped for whatever your scaffolding requirements may be.


The size, nature, and complicacy of the construction project will determine the coat of the scaffolding system. Cost can also be determined by how long the scaffolding system needs to be up and the technical expertise required to have it designed and erected.

Hire and delivery rates

Even though the cost of scaffolding varies, we have some of the best and reasonable rates in the area. Ace Scaffolding is famous in and around Burgess Hill for our pocket-friendly and trustworthy services.   You can trust us for dependable services, industry know-how and professional delivery, thanks to our many years of experience in the sector.   Get in touch today to discuss your project with one of our experts.

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Call us today on 01444 712 494 or fill out a contact form on our website if you need quality scaffolding services in and around Burgess Hill.   You will receive exceptional service when you choose to work with Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill.

At Burgess Hill, we have a team of professionally-trained scaffolders who can deliver premium access solutions to customers in the East Sussex region. We will give you a free quote for your project once we understand what your project is all about.

We look forward to working with you and delivering premium scaffolding solutions that will meet your needs. We are also available to offer scaffolding-related advice where needed. Request a free scaffolding quote today.

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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