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With quality service delivery, Ace Scaffolding provides industry-leading support scaffolding rental at competitive rates.

At Ace Scaffolding we are committed to delivering industry-leading access and scaffold support services for our clients at Burgess Hill. With our special funded scaffolding system, we have the tools and expertise to handle any work area and any project, no matter the time frame.

You can depend on our outstanding team that consists of highly qualified and skilled construction workers, scaffolders, plant managers, and competent project supervisors, regardless of where you are located in the Burgess Hill area. We also provide a wide range of support services for our cutting-edge scaffolding solutions. Contact us to find out more.

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Thinking of using a supported scaffolding platform?

Supported scaffolding is the sort of scaffolding platform that comes to mind as soon as you hear the word scaffolding. Assembled from the ground up, this type of scaffolding is secured against the building to be worked on with the aid of metal couplings and tubes (common in the UK) or bamboo and wood, typically used in places like China.

Supported scaffolding is secured on both the ground and the side of the tower, and it is typically the safest way to achieve elevation. It is one of the most versatile, too. However, it is important that this type of scaffolding is suitable for the project you are working on and must be erected and removed by skilled persons. People using supported scaffolds should also be trained in the possible hazards and precautions that may be needed during use.

At Ace Scaffolding, our highly qualified employees are experienced and so safety-focused that they can carry out work at any level, in any sector. Located in the Sussex area, we are available to work on every project. With tailor-made, prompt and attentive service, Ace Scaffolding is your go-to contractor for all the scaffolding equipment you need for your project. Call us on 01444 712 494 for more information.

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Why use supported scaffolding?

Scaffolding are similar to ladders in that they come in various sizes and types. Each system is unique in its function and can also be adapted to a variety of work situations. Two features that make scaffolding safer than the ladders for certain construction sites, are its solidity and height. A standard ladder is narrow and has only two stands, thus they can be dangerous for carrying heavy equipment and for certain types of work. Supported scaffolding has a variety of key elements, such as legs, posts, poles, frames and uprights, which make it a secure choice of access solution as all these helps to keep the structure securely in place.

In addition, other support systems are in place to keep the scaffolding stable. In compliance with the requirements laid down in the relevant policy on the use of scaffolding in the construction industry, they are both vertically and horizontally mounted on the relevant parts. Scaffolding can be used for a wide range of purposes, meaning that whether you are doing minor repairs at home or major construction, or even a new build project, a scaffolding will come in handy.

They are also not as complicated to set up, neither are they difficult to use. If you think you will be needing a scaffolding for your next project, please get in touch using 01444 712 494 to discuss your project requirements with one of our experts.

The importance of choosing right

Chances are your workers will need the scaffolding for months when working on any construction project, or at least until the project is completed.

It is also critical that you make the correct choice when it comes to the scaffolding system and scaffolding contractor. You want to make your project site to be as safe and effective as possible. You want scaffolding equipment that can handle both the weather condition of your project site region as well as the wear and tear that can occur from workers using the scaffolding platform. If you make a mistake in scaffolding equipment, it can result in losses in thousands of pounds as well as cause delay to your project. It is also important that you go with a reputable scaffolding contractor, whether you are hiring or buying the scaffolding. In scaffolding, building contractors prefer to get building scaffolding equipment from a firm with experience.

But a scaffolding company does a lot more than just set up a system for you. In fact, there are a variety of services that a scaffolding firm provides that will play a vital role in the success of your project. For example, they provide skilled workers who will manage your scaffolding equipment, making sure that everything is alright throughout the project. Poor workmanship can cause accidents, now or in the future, and as scaffolding is obviously one of the most dangerous aspects of project work, it is important that you choose a company that can provide a professional service. If you are in the market for reliable scaffolding equipment in Burgess Hill, you are on the right page.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free, non-binding quote if you want the supported scaffolding or any other type of scaffolding platform. Call 01444 712 494 to get started.

Look no further for a quality scaffold tower

Where do you get the ideal scaffolding for your building project, now that you know you need a supported scaffolding platform? We have experts at Ace Scaffolding who will work with you to understand the specifications of your project and help you choose from our selection of reliable solutions. Our scaffolding comes with everything you need — no costly extras or accessories to purchase.

We fulfil orders quickly and provide a free guarantee for the entire life of the project, which is why you should hire from us. Scaffolding can be made from aluminium, steel or both, however, most people prefer aluminium as it can be used for virtually every project. Aluminium scaffold platforms are very easy to set up, move around and dismantle. They can be stored or used outdoors without any thought for rust or corrosion. There are many types of supported scaffolds, including customized options and ready-to-use structures.

These scaffoldings are what you need if you have a quick project or your site is not suitable for other types of scaffolds. That said, there is a limit on how high a supported scaffolding will go, so it’s best to do your measurements carefully. As professional scaffolding contractors, we can help you work out your calculations. Not only can we help with structural estimates, Ace Scaffolding will also help you determine the correct kind of scaffolding and how to find the right solution for your construction project.

It is evident that all over the Burgess Hill area, everyone knows Ace Scaffolding is the preferred option for scaffolding solutions. To clarify your project specifications, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our experts. Call 01444 712 494 today to speak to someone.

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We are your choice partner in Burgess Hill

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we can work with you from the start to the end of your project – no problems. Ace Scaffolding delivers quality technical support for all our customers, going so far as to provide expert guidance for them in project meetings and carry out site inspections before the start of the project. We will ensure that the scaffolding that you have selected is designed in accordance with the appropriate designs and in complete compliance with the industry’s accepted standards.

We will send our specialists to your site to consult with you on standard operating procedure and to help with risk assessment of your project. With more than 10 years of industry experience, Ace Scaffolding has everything you need when it comes to scaffolding equipment for your project, from seamlessly erecting the supported scaffold platform to managing and removal, all done safely. Everything we do is designed to provide our customers with exceptional experience.

Our team of scaffolders are trained and employed by CITB, so you can be sure that everything related to your project will be handled with professional expertise, you can be assured of results that will satisfy you. In order to make our services as accessible as possible, our facility is strategically located in the centre of town, making it possible for us to provide fast response to call out services anywhere in Burgess Hill. We provide a wide range of scaffolding solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers for small- and large-scale projects.

We’re not joking about the safety of our customers, employees and the general public at Ace Scaffolding. We are committed to providing all the advice and equipment required to ensure a secure atmosphere for our scaffolding projects and to preventing accidents. There are a lot of health and safety regulations and laws in the scaffolding industry and we make sure to remain on top of these rules and guidelines as one of the industry’s biggest contractors.

We have been involved in many popular projects carried out in a wide range of industries, including banking , healthcare, retail, development, and education. In doing so, we have built a wide portfolio of projects and a loyal client base across Burgess Hill. To see some of the work we have been engaged in, please visit our portfolios page. Call 01444 712 494 today to talk to someone about the supported scaffold for your project.

Competitive scaffolding prices in Burgess Hill

When considering scaffolding for your project, the cost of scaffolding is something you will have to look into. Chances are you will already have a budget made up, but your budget may not account for things like inspections and trainings. However, you should look for a quality scaffolding contractor, not just any one. Prices vary widely from business to business and are influenced by a number of factors.

The type of scaffolding you will use will decide how much it costs to procure, but in certain situations you will also pay for daily inspections. It is therefore in your best interest to hire the right company. Doing so means that you will have a lot of options to choose from, and that you can count on having a safe and study platform to work on.

To this end, we offer some of the best prices for scaffolding in the area. We understand that every project has a set down budget, which is why we do our best to work within the budget of our clients as much as possible. Admittedly, there are times when your budget just may not cut it. In situations like this, we will sit down with you to create a bespoke proposal that will fit with your project and budget. However, the best way to get started is to first find out what your project will cost. Why not start by asking today for a free, no obligation quote. Call 01444 712 494 to speak to someone today.

We offer the complete supported scaffolding service

Through our design experts, we offer a design package and the ability to consult our senior staff and managers on the pricing plans and how the work will be done. The services we deliver other services other than erecting and removing supported scaffolding, we ensure our services are tailored to fulfil your project requirements. For most domestic and commercial customers in Burgess Hill, we are the favourite scaffolding provider and the first place to visit when they need scaffolding equipment, whether for short-term and long-term projects. In reality, in dealing with all our clients we ensure we keep a good relationship. We can work with you from even before your project kicks off, providing our expert insight to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. We would look at what may go wrong and put in place safety measures to ensure that every danger and costly accidents are prevented. Plus, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect from the get go.

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Our expertise, skills and technological knowledge at Ace Scaffolding means that we are able to give our customers a reliable service, from initial design to the successful execution of work, our mission is to complete work on time and on budget. We have a genuine, transparent approach that helps us sustain a strong working relationship with our clients, as shown by the high degree of repeat business that we receive from happy consumers. We have a recognized membership with the NASC, and through cooperation , communication and sharing of resources, all our team members are committed to achieving success. Ready to start with the best scaffolding contractor in Burgess Hill? Call Ace Scaffolding today to book a consultation. Call 01444 712 494 today.


Why must I use a scaffold for my project?
It is a lot easier and safer to work on a scaffolding platform than on a ladder. Scaffoldings are stable, and form a solid structure that allow workers to reach difficult areas easily. In less time, you’ll do a great job when you don’t need to move a ladder everytime you want to work another place.
Do I need a scaffolding permit?
A scaffolding permit is necessary if the scaffolding platform is going to be erected on or across a public space. Public space covers footpaths, streets, and even highways. Certain arrangements will have to be made, such as agreeing to work during off-peak hours, in order for the permit to be approved.  As a professional scaffolding company, we can help you arrange the application process for this permit, but you would need to ensure that it is in place before work starts.
Can scaffolding be used on uneven ground?
Scaffolding can be used even if the project site has uneven ground. The scaffolding can be mounted in such a way that it is completely level and stable, regardless of how uneven the ground is.
Can scaffolding be moved?
Unlike a ladder, it is not wise to move scaffolding from place to place. If your project requires moving from place to place, then a mobile scaffolding is the right answer. These will have castor wheels so you can move them to and fro if and when necessary.
To erect scaffolding myself, what should I know?
We advise our clients to employ scaffolding professionals to ensure that their scaffolding is secure and stable. Working at heights poses many dangers and experts are well trained in the building of all kinds of scaffolding.
How long can I have the scaffolding for?
You will have it for the duration of your project as soon as you hire the scaffolding. We will sit down with you to talk about your project timeline, as this will help us provide you with the appropriate quote.
How quickly can the scaffold go up and come down?
From your initial contact, we will do our utmost to work on your project timeline with respect to the installation of your work. Our customers are our priority, so even though the project is short-term and needs a quick turnaround, you don’t have any issues. We love the opportunity and we will do our best to get the job done on time. Of course, removal of scaffolding equipment will depend on when your project ends and where in Burgess Hill your site is, but we will make sure to remove it as quickly as possible and at the time that is best for you.
Will scaffolding damage my property or garden?
We want our clients to be comfortable, and when constructing the scaffolding, our employees are very aware of preventing harm to your property or garden. Often, of course, things happen, and if we notice any issues before we start working, we’ll let you know in advance, and if something goes wrong, we’ll make sure the repairs are done.
Do employees working on supported scaffolds require training?
All employees must be trained by a competent person to recognise the risks associated with the type of scaffold being used and how to reduce those risks.
How safe is scaffolding?
Scaffolding is a safe way to reach difficult to reach or high areas on construction sites. It is preferred above most other types of scaffolding, particularly if work will take a really long time or requires several workers, equipment, tools and materials.
How much does scaffolding cost?
To know what your scaffolding project will cost, get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quotation today.

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