Scaffold Erection

Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill provides high quality scaffolding erection services for individuals and business owners in the Burgess Hill area.. We provide all type of scaffolding services which include erecting of temporary roofs, providing access and providing safe access during your commercial project in Burgess Hill.

Our team of experts are all CITB registered, CISRS qualified and can use their wealth of experience to ensure you get the best scaffold hire service for your project, whether you require new scaffolding, inspecting and repairs or even dismantling. We pride ourselves on everything we do and ensure that no erected scaffolds are marked ‘completed’ until we carry out a risk assessment and maintenance inspection and are ensure they 100% meet industry standards.

Our experienced team of scaffolders can help with any size of project, from small repair jobs around the home to large commercial refurbishment works. All our scaffolding is built to the latest standards and is regularly inspected by a government-approved competent person. Our expert team members offer a free consultation to discuss YOUR requirements, whether it’s a residential or commercial building project.

Expert Scaffolding Erection

Our service includes the provision of safe access to scaffolds that can be used by scaffolders in the erection process and workmen to get to the working platform, thus removing the need to climb the scaffold directly. Ladder bays and stairways are used where accessibility makes these the preferred option. The best scaffolding system in the world isn’t any good if you can’t set it up quick and easy, which is why our team uses a unique operating system which enables them to work away from and then back towards the means of access and emerge progressively.

The Services We Offer

Ace scaffolding Burgess Hill provides a range of scaffolding services (including scaffold erection in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors) in Burgess Hill and its surrounding areas. 6. Ace Scaffolding offer an extensive range of scaffolding services in Burgess Hill and surrounding areas, including domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding erection.

Domestic scaffolding Erection Service

Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill offers fast and efficient domestic scaffolding services to homeowners in our service area as far as Burgess Hill to the east. At Ace Scaffolding, we offer a truly personal service, and as all our scaffolding staff are fully trained and qualified scaffolders, you can be assured of a thorough and safe service every time. Our working team has many years of experience within the scaffolding industry and we are meticulous in our approach by forming mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients. On a personal level, we always endeavour to make sure customers understand all that is involved with the task at hand, listen to their requirements and provide sound advice which best fits their needs.

Commercial scaffolding Erection Service

Over the years, we’ve become a leading scaffolding contractor in Burgess Hill, specialising in scaffold safe access solutions, including domestic scaffolds, industrial scaffolds, and commercial scaffolds. We are committed to providing our clients with superior service, and that’s why we offer a safety net along the edge of all of our scaffold units. With this, we are able to provide a complete range of tailored fall protection and safe access products and services, thus offering our clients a safe, reliable method of completing their tasks.

Industrial Scaffolding Erection Service

We are your one-stop solution for all types of industrial scaffold erection and dismantling. With our team of highly qualified and experienced scaffolders, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll provide you with innovative scaffolding solutions that are industry-leading in their efficiency, speed, quality, and affordability.
Scaffolding Services We Offer

Scaffolding Services We Offer

Access scaffolding

We are proud of our company and the superior quality that every one of our products offer, including our “erect, adjust, and dismantle” tube and fitting access scaffolds for domestic and commercial clients. For many years, our access scaffolds have been providing fast and easy deck configurations to support personnel working on bridges while keeping the traffic flowing below.

Decorating Access scaffolding

Our Ace Scaffolding is the only scaffolding accessory you will need to paint your walls and decorate your interior walls, ceilings, banisters and more. We can provide portable access platforms for painting or any construction task, as well as bespoke walkways for your house refurbishment project or architectural inspection work. Whatever the job in hand, contact Ace Scaffolding to deliver a safe, secure and robust solution.

Internal Scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding, we offer internal scaffolding services for residential and commercial clients to help them safely work at height on a variety of projects. It can also be used as a life saving scaffolding in case of fire outbreak or as a base for an emergency escape route. If you’re unsure about the need for interior scaffolding, Ace Scaffolding can help. Expert consultations are available, free of charge, so you always get the best advice for your project.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years’ Experience
  • Unrivalled Experience
  • In-depth experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • Sterling services
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • High-quality Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Efficient, safe, and reliable

Support Scaffolding

We deploy highly-skilled scaffolders and modern equipment to provide our clients with support scaffolds (in single or hundreds of units) for accident-free workplaces. We don’t just leave our clients after we have installed thier scaffolds. We are always monitoring the situation on site after installing the scaffolds to provide the proper support to our clients. We also offer continous safety regulations, maintenance and repair for your scaffolding needs throughout the duration of the project.

Temporary Roof Solutions

Ace Scaffolding offers a range of temporary roof solutions for projects such as listed building renovations, church roof repairs, and school maintenance work. We specialise in providing temporary roof components and structures for construction companies, homeowners and trade firms. Need temporary waterproof and weatherproof roof for your fext construction project? Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill is here to help. We have been providing high quality temporary roofing solutions for over 6 years. For more information, take a look at our gallery.

Suspended Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding provides affordable suspended scaffold and access platform hire services in Burgess Hill. We recruit only highly trained personnel for the installation and use of our products and deliver high quality goods to ensure your safety and quality of work at all times. Ace Scaffolding provides customised suspended scaffolds for industrial, commercial and residential structures and has been recognised as one of the leading scaffolding companies in Burgess Hill for over 6 years.

What Makes Us Different

When you choose Ace scaffolding Burgess Hill, it’s sure that you’ll receive a timely professional scaffold erection service of the highest quality at a competitive price. There are numerous other reasons you may want to choose Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill for your next project:

Practical Experience

We’re a team of scaffolding experts with a combined industry experience of more than 10 years in the scaffolding business, with an excellent track record of dedication to service, commitment to learning and development, and integrity. We are the leading scaffolding erectors in your Burgess Hill region.

Many of our customers have given us positive feedback and we are confident you will be extremely satisfied with our work too! We are a leading member of NASC and have grown to become one of Burgess Hill’s most dependable scaffolding providers. We have gained a reputation for delivering high-level quality services that many other scaffolding companies can’t match.

Quality Scaffolding

Due to the use of poor-quality materials, we have seen a lot of scaffold collapses across the country. That is why at Ace Scaffolding, we offer quality, sturdy and affordable scaffold and access systems, which have been designed by engineering experts with extensive experience in the field and installed by trained professionals.

In addition, we understand the importance of scaffold safety, which is why we follow safe working practices and implement quality control checks at all stages of the construction process, including ensuring the scaffolds are not overloaded with materials such as tubes and fittings. Our service includes regular scaffolding inspections for the workplace safety of workers and the peace of mind of employers. Ace Scaffolding is a proud family business. We’ve built our reputation on our commitment to achieving the highest standards in scaffolding services.

Low Rates

At Ace scaffolding Burgess Hill, we offer scaffolding services at affordable prices compared to industry high rates, and we also ensure that every customer receives a quality service. We provide our customers with the highest level of quality craftsmanship and are committed to delivering a first-class service experience at an affordable cost. That is our philosophy.

 Your Job is In Safe Hands, Whether Big or Small

Whether your scaffold project is large or small, Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill will complete it on time, satisfactorily and without the hassle. We build bespoke projects from the ground up, tailor-made to suit your needs, using a multitude of products underpinned with our traditional scaffolding know-how. We are a one-stop shop for all types of scaffolding. Our nationwide team offers customer-focused scaffolding solutions with outstanding quality, safety and on-time performance.

CSCS-Licensed Scaffolding Professionals

Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill is committed to developing and training our employees to provide our clients with the best service possible in the scaffolding erection industry. Our scaffolding gang are all qualified CSCS members, CISRS-certified, and well-trained in every aspect of health and safety. With these certifications and qualifications that have been earned by our scaffolders, we’re able to offer our clients a team of experienced and highly skilled workers.

Reliable, Customer-Focused Service

Our company is transparent and our staff are friendly. We do our best to ensure that your experience with us is positive. The satisfaction of customers is our priority through the scaffolding design, erection and hire process. We are an established name in scaffold hire. We have been working with constructors to remove danger on their project sites for many years.


At Ace, we maintain strict compliance with all requirement of health and safety regulations at all times.

Safety Standards

We take pride in our high safety standards at Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill and ensure all our scaffolders are trained to always maintain these standard industry regulations. We’re a committed team of scaffolding experts, well equipped to take on any challenge. We use the highest quality materials and safety gear available. We’re also mindful of the high safety standards needed to safeguard your workers and the general public while scaffolding is in situ.

Health and Safety Guarantee

We are committed to keeping workers safe and healthy while they work. We always take the necessary steps to ensure that we provide safe scaffolding solutions that protect workers from accidents, slips and falls. We have always made safety our first concern and will erect or dismantle your scaffolding to the highest industry standard when safety is paramount. At Ace scaffolding Burgess Hill, we respond promptly to customers’ calls and deliver scaffolds with the right safety features, like guardrails, harnesses and safety nets.

Work Height

Our team of experts will ensure that your scaffolding erection and dismantling project is well-planned, supervised, and executed by highly skilled personnel with enough experience to do the job. With our scaffolding, we are able to work on different buildings of different heights and structures using suitable equipment for each task.

Public Liability Insurance

Ace has everything to make your project a complete success and our fully owned and maintained equipment and other assets, plus £XXXmillion Public Liability Insurance ensure that you get both quality and value for money.


Our friendly and experienced staff will discuss your needs for scaffolding with you over the phone, then provide an instant quote. Our free quote gives you an outline estimate of costs before we visit your site to give you a transparent, detailed breakdown of all scaffolding costs.

Competitive Hire Rates

Ace Scaffolding Burgess Hill is committed to providing first-class customer service. Our services are affordable and we hire scaffolding equipment to clients at competitive rates. With our flexible hire rates and strong team, we are able to ensure that your scaffold requirements are completed quickly, professionally and safely. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a no-obligation quote.

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Delivery Rates

We offer different delivery rates, based on the location and size of scaffolding you need. If you are based in Burgess Hill and looking for a scaffolding company, then Ace Scaffolding is a great choice and you can be guaranteed very low prices because we will be delivering from there. We survey your property and provide you with no-obligation quotes, in addition to delivery to our serious customers.

Ace Scaffolding has a dedicated “Contract Manager” who will work closely with you to deliver the highest quality scaffolding at a competitive price. Each team of scaffolding erectors has a leader who’ll ensure that work is completed professionally and on schedule. Ace Scaffolding is well known for its professional service. It’s our commitment to clients that makes us a market leader in the industry today, be it for complete bespoke scaffolding systems or a decorating scaffold for a hallway.

We provide innovative and high-quality scaffolding solutions to numerous clients in Burgess Hill every year, helping them to get their building projects completed on time and on budget. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Visit our customer gallery and read our testimonials to see some of the ways we may have helped out in the past. For more scaffolding advice or a quotation call us directly on 01444 712 494.


How does scaffold work?
A scaffold is a temporary structure that supports people or materials at construction sites and makes work safe and easy. There is a European Standard for working scaffolds that sets out optimum performance requirements for safe use. These specifications are independent of the type of material from which the scaffold is made.
What is a hanging scaffold?
Hanging scaffolds are fixed systems with the platform being suspended on a wire rope (typically) from an overhead support or pole. The scaffold is supported by a number of wire ropes that are attached to the overhead structure at regular intervals.
What is a birdcage scaffolding?
A birdcage scaffold is a crisscrossed structure that provides workers the ability to work at heights and perform their duties in a safe and secure environment.
What is crash-deck scaffolding?
Birdcage or crash-deck scaffolding is a scaffolding structure used indoors to carry out repairs and home redecoration at ceiling heights. Crash-decks should not be used for any heavy lifting or loading and unloading.
What is the swing stage scaffolding?
An open based platform type scaffold, swing stage is either suspended by cables or ropes fastened to stirrups which are, at its double ends. It swings up and down with the help of ropes tied to a catenary wire or attached to support columns. It is typically used for flat building exterior repairs or painting. The swing stage is a common form of suspended scaffold that comes in a variety of designs and configurations.
What is a cantilever scaffold?
A cantilever scaffold is another scaffold which is usually erected to angle out from a building structure. Cantilever scaffolds can be installed in areas where conventional scaffolds will not fit. This is useful for commercial projects where surrounding structures are tight.
How long will it take to set up a scaffolding platform?
Scaffold platforms are generally made in an assembly line, the design of workstations being similar. The construction may take anything from a few hours to two days, depending on the type of scaffolding and any specialised features involved.
Is a government license required to install scaffolds?
If you’re a scaffolder or builder who needs to erect a scaffold within your property, you won’t need a license. If part of the scaffold will stretch past the edge of your property, you cannot construct it without a government license or permit.
How far can your scaffold platform extend out from the building?
Vertically: Every 20 ft. (6.1m) or less for scaffolding of fewer than 3 ft. (0.91m) in width; Every 26 ft. (7.9m) or less for scaffolding of more than 3 ft. (0.91m) in width. Horizontally: At each secured end; At intervals of not more than 30 ft. (9.1m) from just one end.
What’s the maximum safe amount of load a scaffold can carry?
To calculate this estimate, multiply 35 sq ft by 25 pounds/sq ft and it can be seen that the scaffold cannot carry over 875 pounds of materials. Thus, only 3 persons (each weighing 250 pounds) and another 125 pounds of tools or materials can be safely loaded onto the scaffold at the same time.
Will I be safe working on a scaffold?
If the scaffold is constructed by experts like our team of scaffolders, then we can answer the question positively. When expertly set up, a scaffold will be sturdy on any surface type, whether it’s an uneven or smooth ground or a sloppy surface. This is because there are adjustable vertical components that are part of such scaffolding systems, and they can be adjusted according to the height level you want to work from. To get the best fit for ground irregularities, it is essential to utilize adjustable components.
Is the scaffolding required for roof works?
Yes, a scaffold with an edge is required for all work on the roof. The objective of a scaffold is to provide secure access and safe support to those working on the structure, as well as protect people working or walking on the ground. When working within a height restriction, a scaffold with an edge will need to be used and the area below should be kept clear for access.
At what height is a scaffold needed on a project?
Generally, the right height of a scaffold is 4 ft above the ground level. However, in the building industry, it should be 6 ft. In addition, fall protection is needed at 10 ft on a scaffolding platform.
What should the maximum height of a mobile scaffolding platform be?
The ideal minimum height to base length ratio for all freestanding scaffolding platforms is 3:1. If using a mobile scaffold platform, the maximum height must be 9m.
What is the maximum space you are allowed to have between scaffold planking?
Government standards require that the spaces between scaffold planks and uprights or between the scaffold planks will be no more than 1″ wide unless the employer can demonstrate that a wider gap is necessary for safety. However, the platform must be fully decked or planked.
is it safe to use a ladder on a scaffold structure?
You shouldn’t use a ladder if there is adequate scaffolding in place. Placing the ladder on the ground as intended carries less risk than placing it on the scaffold.
For how long can a scaffold stay up?
A scaffold is built for strength and durability. When properly erected it can last for years.
What is the maximum height workers can ascend with a scaffold?
If the working height is more than 3 times the smallest width of the scaffold tower, then it is important that workers tie the scaffolding platform to the building structure at specific intervals for safety. If the height exceeds 15 ft, you are required to fasten a 5-ft wide scaffold platform.
Can scaffold platforms stay erected permanently?
The scaffold forms part of the structure under construction and reinforces the work being done and can be temporary or semi-permanent. We are always happy to help where needed and offer advice with respect to any help or materials required for scaffolding. Don’t put off a quote for your scaffolding hire, get in touch with us today on 01444 712 494 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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